We got a Bunny!

June 16, 2022

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Personal: We got a Bunny

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After over a year of research Skyler finally got her bunny! Skyler has been reading every book on rabbits she can get her hands on and has watched countless youtube videos on how to care for, train, litterbox train, and bunny proof the house. Last week I made a quick stop in Devils Lake, ND on my way to the International Peace Gardens for Jordan and Darian’s engagement session, to pick up the long-awaited bunny.

After months of searching, I finally found a new holland lop in the right color. He had to travel quite a few miles across two states before finally reaching his new home.

Meet Waffles!

Waffles is an 11-week-old holland lop buck. He is a Blue Tortoise color and has hopped away with our heart.

Free-Roaming Bunny

Somehow Sky has talked me into free-roaming this bunny in our house. Basically, Waffles has the freedom to explore any part of the house. This means that we have had to do some bunny proofing to save our cords and keep him safe. We have had two cords get pretty chewed up already, but luckily they were not plugged in and no bunny was harmed!

Litter Box Training

We started with litter box training right away. In fact, waffles wouldn’t even leave the litter box for the first day and a half. I’m no bunny expert, Sky probably is by now though, but it’s been a fairly easy process. Bunnies like to eat hay while they are pooping (I have now written about poop for the first time on my blog 😅 ) so you put their hay in the litter box with a puppy pad on the bottom and paper litter in the back. Sky is in charge of sweeping up any droppings while he figures it out. So far the only places he has a mess are right around the litter box.

The Bunny and the Dog

Cooper our 13-year-old golden retriever has done really good with sharing a home with a bunny. It probably helps that he’s so old and not very nimble so the bunny has the advantage by a long shot anytime Cooper gets a little too close for comfort. Though it has been pretty cute watching the bunny hop over and sniff Cooper while he’s just chilling in the living room, he’s a brave bunny sometimes.

So far the bunny has been such a fun addition to the family and is relatively low maintenace. I’ll certainly keep y’all updated as he grows and learns new tricks!

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