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Helping women take the next brave step in business

The Confidence & Mentorship You Need to Take Yourself Seriously—So You Can Make the Money You Want To Make In Your Business.

My coaching style is like a road trip with a friend—you pick the destination, I’ll help you navigate every turn along the way.

Growing a business can feel a lot like bringing home a high-maintenance house plant…

  • You love the idea of making this work, but you’re starting to wonder whether you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. 

  • You’re keeping this thing alive (barely) but you’re afraid one wrong decision will cause the whole thing to wither up and die. 

  •  You trust that the end result could be beautiful—but gosh, you wish someone had sent you home with a How To manual.

I believe you deserve a business that reflects what matters most to YOU. Here’s what matters most to me…

But what if instead of…

  • Feeling so overwhelmed that you struggle to take action

  • Getting anxious every time you have to say your prices out loud

  • Feeling overworked and undervalued

  • Struggling to juggle #MomLife with running your business

  • Feel guilty for even WANTING to build a thriving business in the first place

You could…

  • Get step-by-step guidance on creating a business you love

  • Confidently raise your prices & create packages your people LOVE to buy

  • Only work with clients you absolutely adore (and who adore you too!)

  • Build a business that makes sense for your current season of life

  • Feel proud of creating something that feels like you and is FUN again

Yesss! That’s exactly what I want.

Business Coaching For Women Who Want to Own Their Talent & Take Their Next Brave Step

Whether you need quick support to work through a specific challenge, or ongoing mentorship to kick your business up a few dozen notches... I’ve got you covered.

“I need some quick support working through a specific question or challenge… help!”


A 60-minute coaching session designed for those moments when you’re so stuck in your own head that you can’t see the path ahead. Have a question and need some expert feedback? Facing a specific challenge and want to hash it out with someone who’s been there? Want to brainstorm your next brave step? Let’s do it!


+1 60-minute coaching session—no long-term contracts or strings attached!

+ My brain on your business. Borrow all the hard-earned lessons and strategies I’ve gleaned while growing my business, so you can take the fast track to success!

+ A replay recording of our call—so you can focus on our conversation instead of scribbling down notes like a madwoman!

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>> “I’m ready to take my business seriously and grow in the next six months.”


My signature coaching program is designed to help you reach your next goal at record speed. With tons of 1:1 support and plenty of room for customization, this program meets you where you are week after week—so you can take consistent, strategic action toward building the business you want


+ 6 months of hand-in-hand guidance and access to all of my resources, so you can stop second-guessing yourself and take action month after month.

+ Weekly private, virtual coaching calls to get all your questions answered, work through whatever challenges come up each week, and consistently move the needle towards your long-term goal.

+ Marco Polo access. Consider me your new business bestie! I’m always on the line and ready to help you talk through new ideas and obstacles.

+ Super high-level, personalized support with EVERYTHING it takes to build the business you want. You choose your goals—I’ll help you get there.

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“Working alongside Chelsy gives you the confidence to spread your wings and try something new. You can jump and know you won’t fall, because Chelsy will be there helping you make adjustments every step of the way, so you’ll succeed no matter what.”