No more late-nights, editing for over-demanding clients, who are paying you peanuts. 

Let's create a business that lets you live the life you love. 

You're probably here because you are tired of wasting so much time, money, and effort piecing together your workflows, client experience, and pricing for your photography business.  


to help you create a solid foundation for your business, so you can get back to what matters most--time with your family.

Working with me isn't like taking another online course. I work with you one on one to find out what's got you stuck, and give you the personalized tools to build a business that lets you live the life you love. You will walk away with a business that can weather any storm. 

But our journey together doesn't end there. Be prepared for me to be one of your biggest cheerleaders and support you as your biz as takes off and grows like crazy! (Like those weeds in the yard that just won't go away.) 

I'm Chelsy

Stop just dreaming about what your life and business could look like,


have clarity + be taken seriously as a professional Photographer

Support your family + hit your financial goals 

Stop the overwhelm and be present to live life 

Stop questioning everything about your business. Get clear on who you are as a photographer, and who you are serving. The greatest battle is the battle of the mind. When your business is unorganized and dysfunctional, it can be tough to believe in your abilities and your level of professionalism. When you establish effective business practices, on a solid foundation, you'll begin to experience the JOY of running your own business instead of stress, anxiety, and feelings of overwhelm.

When you can make more money with your business, you are able to start living the life you have only dreamed of. Maybe you want to GO FULL TIME.. perhaps you want to PAY DOWN DEBT... and stop living PAYCHECK TO PAYCHECK... or maybe you are just only ready for your business to be profitable so that you can have peace that you're doing the right thing with your life!

Your business can be organized into efficient systems, and that means minimal time behind your computer. You can design a business that works for you and gives you the freedom to stop work at 5 pm truly. This is your chance to live the life every entrepreneur longs for…. no stress, systems that are sustainable, and freedom in your schedule.

Take a look at

what the one on one coaching process looks like. 


Book your 30 min strategy call so we can narrow in on what you want to focus on during our time together. 

Jump on the video call, or meet up in person. We will go for a deep dive into what's working and what's not inside your business.

Walk away with the tools and resources to build a business that is profitable and purposeful. So you can feel less overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious about your business, and be more present with your family. 

Stop just dreaming about what your life and business could look like, 


Your investment for personalized one on one coaching starts at $300.

coaching call

Full day


The coaching session that lets you dip your toe in and get your burning questions answered right away. Walk away with action steps to take right away. 

Just imagines an entire day that is entirely devoted to you. This is the coaching session for the go-getters who are wanting to fast track their progress and success. It's a lot of information! The full-day coaching session is customizable coaching for pros looking to level up their business and includes a full portfolio, website & social media review. In-person or online, it's your call! 

We kick things off with a 2-hour coaching call, where we can assess where you are and what your goals are. Then over the next 11 weeks, we will have one one-hour call a week to check in see how things are going and make a plan for the next week. You will also have complete Marco Polo access to me for all four months! As an added bonus, we will jump on a call at the end of month five and see how things are going! This package was designed specifically for photographers who are wanting to go all-in and be held accountable! 




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schedule your strategy call

schedule your strategy call

I became a mom and a business owner within the same year.

Growing a business in a tiny town, and while showing up for those you love the most is hard to balance. I had to make things efficient and profitable so I could spend less time in front of my computer, and more time pouring into my new roles and wife and mom. 

In 2016 I found out I was pregnant with our second child, the night before my husband went into surgery to replace a heart valve. During the next eight months, he had that valve replace two more times due to infection. The foundation, workflows, and systems were the only way I was still able to run my business between hospital stays, check-ups, and the birth of our son just a week after my husband's last valve replacement surgery.

These coaching sessions are all centered around my drive to help other moms build substantial businesses that are both efficient and profitable. Never be FEEL BEHIND, OVERWHELMED, STRESSED, or ANXIOUS again. 

Is one on one coaching just for wedding photographers?

I have seen first-hand how one-on-one coaching has transformed portrait businesses! Smart business principles are far-reaching and can be applied to many different types of businesses. Whether it's marketing, social media, blogging, personal branding, building a tribe, etc…. ANYONE with a photography business will benefit and thrive from one-on-one coaching.

I have no idea what to charge, can you help me with that?

Yes! We can talk all about pricing. We will dig into your numbers and see what your costs are, how many clients you can really take on, and calculate what you need to be charging. I think a lot of photographers get pricing wrong; they check and see what so-and-so down the street is charging and either match that or try and beat it. That is a recipe for failure! You have no freaking idea why Suzie down the street is charging what she is charging, and if you don't know your real cost of doing business, you could quite literally be the one paying to photograph a session. 

What if I want to go over editing?

I love Lightroom and Photoshop, and we can screen share through video where I can walk you through how to use Lightroom, how to create your own presets, and how to tweak presets to make them work for every image! Then you can go through the editing process while I watch, and I can help with anything that you get snagged on! We can do the same thing with Photoshop! 

I'm on board for the full day! I want to meet in person where are you located? 

Woohoo! Bundle up if you're coming in the winter! I'm located just east of Williston, ND. We'll get you directions after you book! 

DO I NEED ANY SPECIAL SOFTWARE OR PROGRAM for the one-on-one coaching?

If you choose to have your coaching session online, then we will use Zoom. You will get a link to log in for your call. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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