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Hi, I’m Chelsy Weisz! 

I went from college dropout with a newborn, no camera, and no clue how to run a business… To growing a thriving wedding photography business & online photographer education hub.

You love taking photographs that bring more joy and beauty into the world… but taking your business seriously and putting yourself out there confidently? Those don’t come as naturally. 

Most photographers struggle with self-doubt. Right now, you’re probably wondering:

—Wedding Photographer, Educator, & Host of the Next Brave Step Podcast.

I’ve been there. As in, I’m from Middle-of-Nowhere-North-Dakota & started my business with a six-month-old on my hip. I was the QUEEN of, “But can I actually do this??”

Trust me—if you’re ready to stop cringing when people introduce you as a photographer and start attracting dream clients, raising your rate, and feeling like the pro you are…

…You’ve come to the right place. 

And you don’t have to do this alone! I’m in your corner, ready to help you own your value, create a photography business that reflects what YOU really want out of life, and hold you accountable to your vision. 

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>> And how the heck do I do all this while juggling my family life??

>> How do I get the word out and attract clients I love working with?

>> Am I actually good enough to make it in this industry?

Lance and I had a wonderful experience with Chelsy. She shot our Engagement and our Wedding photos and I would have not done it any other way. The engagement shoot allowed us to develop a relationship with her which helped us feel comfortable in front of the camera on our wedding day. She was accommodating, by allowing us to take photos at our home instead of all at the church. She was organized, timely, fun, energetic, and great at capturing all those special moments—all of the qualities one would want in a photographer.”


“Organized, timely, fun, energetic, and great at capturing all those special moments.”

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