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Lessons I learned from My Cut Flower Garden This Year

September 9, 2022

This year’s cut flower garden looks so much different than last year. A smaller variety of types of plants but a ton more dahlias! To be honest earlier this spring I was low-key freaking out about where I was going to plant the over 185 dahlias I had being shipped my way. I am so darn grateful to have found a place with the perfect spot for my flowers.

Gardening has brought me so much joy and taught me so much about life over the past few years. I’ve learned how to automate my watering using drip irrigation. So my plants keep growing even when my life gets busy. (definitely a reoccurring theme in a lot of areas of my life 😂) This garden has been a spot for me to get away from everything and just focus on the here and now. This spring the garden gave me hope for the future, as I planted seeds and tubers.

I also had to learn that somethings despite my best efforts things don’t work out even when I’m doing all the right things like daily watering, correct temperature, and adequate light. Less than 40% of the seeds I planted germinated and survived long enough to make it into the ground because the sodium was just too high in this new house, and I didn’t realize it until too late.

Rumble Bumble Dahlia
Wantabe Dahlia
Peaches and Dream Dahlia
Zinderlla Zinnia and Queen Lime Orange Zinnia
honey bees on Star Child Dahlia

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