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Less But Better: Secrets to Work-Life Harmony with Leah Remillét

April 16, 2024

I'm the woman who transformed adversity into triumph: I left my economic development job, navigated through divorce, and built a business that realized my dreams. Blending support with strategy, I turn dreams into reality. My mission? To empower women to boldly chase their entrepreneurial ambitions every day!

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In our latest podcast episode, we are honored to host Leah Remillét, an accomplished entrepreneur and coach who has carved a niche for herself by teaching others how to do more by doing less. Leah shares her journey from being overwhelmed as a new mom and business owner to finding true harmony between her personal life and her career. This post offers an overview of our insightful conversation with Leah, alongside embedded players for you to listen to or watch the full episode.

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A Journey of Transformation

Leah Remillét didn’t start her career as a productivity and balance guru. Her story began in the world of photography, where she quickly realized that the chaos of managing a burgeoning business while raising a family was unsustainable. Leah’s quest for balance led her to develop strategies that not only transformed her business but also her quality of life—strategies she now shares to empower other women entrepreneurs.

Strategies for Success

During the episode, Leah delves deep into the philosophies and practical steps that helped her achieve what many strive for: work-life harmony. Here are some key strategies she discusses:

  1. Outsourcing and Delegation: Learn how to identify tasks that can be handled by others to free up your time for what truly matters. Leah discusses the initial fears around outsourcing and how overcoming these can lead to significant growth and satisfaction.
  2. Effective Time Management: Leah shares her approach to restructuring her relationship with time. This includes changing the narrative from being a victim of the clock to being in control of her schedule.
  3. Setting Intentions: Discover the importance of starting each day with a clear sense of how you want it to unfold and the feelings you wish to experience, enhancing both productivity and personal satisfaction.

Empowerment Through Simplification

One of the episode’s highlights is Leah’s focus on simplification—a method that allows mompreneurs and other busy individuals to prioritize effectively without feeling overwhelmed. Leah shares specific tools and methods for streamlining processes that listeners can start implementing right away.

Learning from Leah’s Story

Leah’s narrative is filled with moments of vulnerability, bravery, and breakthroughs. Her story is not just about professional success but about personal rediscovery and resilience—a true testament to the power of taking one brave step at a time.


Leah Remillét’s insights remind us that with the right strategies, achieving work-life harmony is within reach. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, there’s something in this episode for everyone looking to enhance their productivity and overall happiness.

We hope you find this episode as enlightening and inspiring as we did. For more details on Leah’s work and additional resources, visit her website, which is linked at the end of this post. If Leah’s strategies resonate with you, consider exploring our other episodes focused on entrepreneurship and personal development for more guidance and inspiration.

Call to Action:

Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast and YouTube channel for more insightful episodes. Share this post with someone who could benefit from Leah’s advice, and let us know how you’re applying these strategies in your own life in the comments below!

Connect with Leah online: 

Free Gift from Leah: www.gift.balancingbusy.com  

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leahremillet/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leahremillet/ 

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