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Why You Need to Take Engagement Photos

August 7, 2019

country engagement photos Williston Minot North Dakota

Often brides can get the impression that the engagement session is just a fun added bonus when in reality it is one of the MOST important parts of your wedding photos!  One of the most challenging parts of a wedding is the fact that you only get once chance to get it right.  You don’t get a do-over. You don’t reschedule for the weather (usually). Your engagement session can act as a warm-up to the big day! 

Practice for the Couples

This is the only change you will get with your photographer to practice in front of the camera without an audience.  Because let’s be honest sometimes rowdy groomsmen just aren’t the audience you want to feel uncomfortable in front of especially on your wedding day. You will get to practice the poses, learn how your photographer will cue you in and out of poses.  

country engagement photos Williston Minot North Dakota

Practice for the photographer

As a photographer, my main goal in an engagement session is to get my clients to feel at ease as quickly as possible. I need them to trust me to get comfortable with my directions and relax.  I know what I’m doing, but sometimes it takes a try or two at a pose before the couple really understands how it feels to be in that pose. Hights can play a big factor in posing, some poses don’t work as well when there is a massive hight difference between a couple.  Knowing their hights compared to each other as well as get a gage on how comfortable their body language is around each other both play huge roles in wedding day photos. 

Chelsy Weisz Photography 2018

Feel like a Pro

When I show up on a wedding day, you’re instantly going to feel like your seeing a friend again, because truly that’s how I feel with all of my couples. We’ve had a chance to meet before, get to know each other so we get to skip that awkward, “hi you don’t know me but I’m gonna follow you around all day on one of the biggest days of your life!” You will get to step up to the camera with confidence knowing what to do, and trust that even if I’m having to tilt your head a bit more then feels natural it’s okay! 

sunflower country engagement Minot ND Chelsy Weisz Photography

Better Wedding Photos

Since you have had a chance to practice it’s pretty safe to assume your wedding photos will turn out better then if you hadn’t. Plus you will probably end up with more images since we won’t be spending extra time learning poses on a wedding day, and more time actually creating beautiful portraits! 

If you’re interested in finding out even more about the Chelsy Weisz Wedding experience and check availability for your wedding click here to fill out a pretty little form! 

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