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A Rainy but Radiant Wedding at the Grand Hotel, Minot, ND

September 30, 2023

Love knows no bounds, and that couldn’t be truer for Ashley and Torrance. Their love story began in Bismarck, North Dakota, where Ashley was pursuing her dreams of becoming a physical therapist. Fast forward to September 23, 2023, and we found ourselves at the stunning Grand Hotel in Minot, ND, where Ashley and Torrance’s love story reached its most awaited chapter – their wedding day.\

A Colorful Celebration: 

Ashley and Torrance’s wedding day was nothing short of magical despite the rain that appeared. The couple chose a warm color palette of burgundy, green, and tan, and Mother Nature seemed to cooperate by making the fall colors pop against the backdrop of the rainy day. Friends from all corners of the country gathered at the Grand Hotel to witness this special union, turning the rainy day into a heartwarming celebration of love.

The Grand Hotel – A Perfect Venue: 

The Grand Hotel in Minot, ND, provided the perfect setting for both the ceremony and the reception. This elegant venue added a touch of grandeur to Ashley and Torrance’s wedding, making it an unforgettable experience for everyone in attendance.

Capturing Precious Moments: 

As their wedding photographer, I witnessed the beautiful connection between Ashley and Torrance throughout their special day. Their playfulness, love, and undeniable chemistry were a joy to capture through the lens. Rain or shine, their love shone brightly, making each moment a treasure to remember.


Ashley and Torrance’s wedding at the Grand Hotel in Minot, ND, was a testament to the power of love, friendship, and the ability to find beauty even in unexpected circumstances. Despite the rain, their warm color palette, the grandeur of the venue, and the dedication of their dear friend Ashtin ensured that this wedding was nothing short of extraordinary. We can’t wait to see how their journey unfolds in the years to come, filled with love, laughter, and more unforgettable moments.

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