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7 Tips: What to Wear for School Photos

September 14, 2018

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Trying to choose what to wear for school photos can be an interesting adventure.  Skyler just started kindergarten a few weeks ago, so I can’t say I’m a pro at this yet, but I have been a professional photographer for 6 years now so I know a thing or two about what photographs well.

Choosing what to wear for school photos can be hard! Here are 7 tips for choosing what to wear, plus outfit inspiration!

I wanted to take a minute to help all you parents out there and give you some tips on things you definitely shouldn’t let them walk out the door wearing on school photo day, as well as show you some of my top picks for what to wear for school photos fall 2018.

What to Wear for School Photos

 1. Do: Purchase clothes that fit your body. It can be tempting to buy kids clothing a size bigger so they’ll have room to grow, but for photo sessions, it’s not the best idea. Avoid looking sloppy by wearing well-fitting garments.

2. Don’t: Wear neon colors. They don’t photograph well and cast colors onto the skin of those who are wearing them. No one wants a bright yellow face!

3. Don’t: Wear big logos or characters on your shirts.  I know my little one is crazy about frozen and unicorns.  But I can guarantee you, she will be wearing either a solid or a pattern over her favorite Oloff t-shirt.

4. Do: Choose colors that compliment the background instead of matching the background. When I was taking a look at Sky’s order form last night I was pleasantly surprised to see that we got the option to choose what background we wanted for photos.  I decided to go with the solid blue.

Choosing what to wear for school photos can be hard! Here are 7 tips for choosing what to wear, plus outfit inspiration!

5. Don’t: Wear solid black or solid white clothing. These colors don’t show dimension when photographed and make for dull, boring images.

6. Do: Wear a larger pattern. Avoid patterns that are smaller than a dime! These small patterns can create strange visual effects in digital cameras.

7. Do: Schedule a haircut for your little one about a week before photos.  Sky will be getting her bangs trimmed up today after school.  Her hair is currently down to her waist. I’m planning on either a french braid or half up and half down.  The key is to make sure we can see her eyes. Though it is tempting to curl her hair and have her wear it down I have to remember that she will be going to school on her own, and I won’t be there to brush it out of her face before she sits down to snap her school photo.  Trying to keep it as easy as possible for your little one is key! This also makes it easier on both your child’s teacher and the school photographer.

I wanted to share some top outfit ideas in case your not sure what to wear for school photos. Almost all of these outfits are completely affordable, and would double as steller choices for what to wear for family photos! 

Here are some of my top picks for what to wear for school photos this fall! 



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Choosing what to wear for school photos can be hard! Here are 7 tips for choosing what to wear, plus outfit inspiration!

There you have it 7 tips for what to wear for school photos along with ideas for choosing outfits.  Did any of these tips help you prepare for school photo day? Any other tips you would add to the list? 

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