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The Truth About Outsourcing Editing – Nathan Holritz |The Wise Photographer Podcast

April 1, 2020

Today’s guest is Nathan Holritz. Nathan is an entrepreneur based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Nathan photographed weddings for over a decade before becoming the founder and CEO of PhotographersEdit.com. He’s also the host of the Boca podcast. In his free time, Nathan enjoys spending time with his two children, his family and his friends. He also enjoys reading, playing soccer and riding motorcycles. I reached out to Nathan to come on the show today for a few different reasons. A lot of my coaching clients have been looking at their businesses and really starting to break them down to see what’s working and what’s not working for them both as business owners but also as Moms. We’ve really been digging into finding what hangups or snags are keeping them from providing a great client experience, but also how their workflow is affecting their families. 


We’ve been talking a lot about outsourcing things that are either not bringing you joy or just taking too long. Editing has certainly been heavily discussed for sure, and anytime you come across this topic of outsourcing inside a Facebook group, you’re certain to find a mix of emotions about it. I’m totally for outsourcing, whether you choose to use an independent contractor or if you choose an editing company like Photographer’s Edit. Today, Nathan and I are pulling back the curtain on what the editing outsourcing process can look like. No matter if you’re using a company like Photographer’s Edit or if you’re using an independent contractor. 

Whos is Nathan, what did he do before becoming CEO, and what he is doing now:

“Well, I started in wedding photography and back in 2001 and ultimately I shot weddings for over 10 years. During that time I started Photographer’s Edit. I wanted more time in my life for my family and I also needed a solution that would handle my editing. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I was spending way too much time editing. So, I needed a solution that would handle that for me. I also saw an opportunity in the industry for another post production company. And so in 2008, I started Photographers Edit or relaunch and here we are now about 12 years later. It’s kind of crazy. “


What is the process like with Photographers Edit? What exactly do you guys do for photographers? 

“Our specialty is custom image editing for professional photographers. The majority of the photographers that we work with are wedding photographers or portrait photographers in one form or another. And with that specialty of custom image editing, it’s important we understand first how the photographer edits their images currently. So, we’ve set up a way for them to share those editing preferences with us so that our team isn’t just blindly processing their images, but there were actually attempting to match their editing style. So, as you create an account, you set up your editing preferences, you’re then able to submit orders for color correction, calling in color correction if you want us to do that as well. We also have retouching services, but everything we do ultimately centers around providing a custom product that matches your editing style. “

What goes into a consultation?

“Naturally, we need to develop some type of relationship with the photographers that we’re working with. So, it only made sense that we put more effort and energy into having conversations with our clients. And that was really the thought process behind it. While some companies were kind of going the direction, other post-production companies were going in the direction of cheaper services, which means less of a hands-on approach, a less personalized approach. I wanted to go kind of the opposite direction. I wanted to be more personal. And so these consultations are usually with Tiffany, who kind of specializes in managing that process with us. Those consultations mean getting to know our clients better, helping them with any questions or concerns that they might have, helping them potentially set up their editing style or editing preferences. But it’s, it all comes down to a relationship in the end. In fact, you know, one of the biggest concerns about outsourcing editing is that the company that’s taking over the process for you doesn’t know how to do so in how to match your style. There’s a lot of concern around that and understandably so, but those concerns and  those fears can be minimized through conversation, through understanding.”


When I was researching and trying to find a company that truly fit the needs of my business, I searched different Facebook Groups, looking for feedback, questions on what other photographers were using when it comes to outsourcing. It just came up over and over. I’m incredibly picky and definitely have my own style and I didn’t think someone else could do this for me. The way that Photographer’s Edit has set up this system with consultations and then again with feedback systems truly helps to alleviate that fear and work through it. I’m really thankful for it. 

Listen here as Nathan talks about their feedback system for those who are not familiar with it and for more reasons why you will also love Photographer’s Edit for your business! 

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  1. I think “Photographers Edit” is a great tool. But I still prefer to do all the editing myself. Perhaps I should rethink it.

    • Chelsy says:

      It really was a game changer when I made the leap. Really allowed me to use my time better, and enjoy my life!

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