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Resources for Couples affected by Glasser Images Closer

October 9, 2021

I'm Chelsy, a single mom in a small town, who loves photographing weddings, and helping photographers build their own businesses

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My heart sank this morning when I learned that Glasser Images had closed their doors last night with no warning, and in a manner that left a lot of couples scrambling to find new photographers and videographers last minute. Some couples are scheduled to have their wedding in less than 48 hours of Glasser’s email sent out last night. 

While it seems like many of the weddings they have booked are in the Fargo and Minnesota area I wanted to create a resource for couples on the western and north-central side of North Dakota, as they start from square one.  The outpouring of love and support from other photographers on social media has been amazing to see, and I’m so happy to be part of this community! 

I have been fielding emails and DM’s the past couple of days and doing my best to fit as many couples into my calendar, while still allowing me to serve each and every one of them to the best of my ability!

While I would love to photograph every single couple that reaches out, I would rather refer them to someone who might be a better fit than try to make something work just to book out my calendar!  

-Chelsy Weisz

Just as a side note to couples who are searching for a new photographer, there are so many people stepping up, you don’t have to take the very first photographer who you reach out to or who reaches out to you! The most important part of your wedding day is marrying your best friend! Even as a wedding photographer this is still something I hold to be true! 

Take a deep breath, remember that the reason for your wedding is to marry your best friend, not create a picture-perfect event. If you are more than three months out from your wedding it’s okay to take a minute to really evaluate your options, you don’t have to have a new photographer booked within 24 hours! It’s okay! –Yes you already had someone booked and you had that item checked off your list, and now it’s frustrating to have it back on the list, but you are not behind, this is a crazy situation and we all feel for you and are here to help in any way we can! 


In an effort to help provide some resources for couples there is a spreadsheet of photographers and videographers that includes mainly Fargo area vendors which I will link right here.  Photographers- you can add your name to the list though you do need to use the google sheets app on your phone or use your computer to edit the document. 

I am creating another spreadsheet for photographers in the north-central, and western side of North Dakota which you can find here! – Anyone is welcome to add to the list so please feel free to add yourself and share with clients who reach out to you! 

I am sharing these lists with couples who reach out for dates I am not available for, and you are welcome as couples or as photographers to share with others as well! 

While these lists are great I wanted to highlight a few photographers whom I have personal experience with and would certainly recommend. Below is a quick little highlight in no particular order, of fellow photographers I would recommend to those who have been affected by Glasser Images closing. 

Kelly Spencer Photography | Minot, ND

Kelly is a mom of two and a military wife located in Minot.  Though her business is pretty young, she has put in a ton of work over the past year to grow as a photographer and a business owner! She attended my workshop earlier this fall and these are some of my favorite images she captured! 

Lindsey Bini Photography | Minot, ND 

Lindsey is such a kind-hearted photographer also based in Minot, though she too is willing to travel! Lindsy’s editing style is clean and true to life, she is phenomenal at capturing raw emotions on wedding days! 

Mariah Hammond Photography | Minot, ND

Mariah Hammond is an Air Force maintainer turned photographer. Weekdays you can find her out on the flight line while she spends her weekends photographing weddings. Mariah’s editing style mutes down bolder colors and warms up her undertones to create warm edits. Her work has been featured in Unscripted and First Look MN. 

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