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How to use Trello to track your photography client workflows

October 12, 2018

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Creating a wonderful client experience is great but being able is recreate it for client after client is when the magic happens. The best way to create a client experience is to come up with a workflow that works for you and your clients and is easy to track.  

As creatives we often crave something pretty to look at, that’s flexible and can grow with us.  About a year ago I discovered Trello, and I haven’t looked back!  Trello is a free website and app that basically is the love child of Pinterest and Evernote! If you have never used it before it can be a bit overwehlming but stick with it! 

I currently use Honeybook for my client management system.  It’s awesome for delivering contracts, quotes, keeping track of questionnaires and bookkeeping. Post coming on that soon!! 

How to Create Client Workflows

Creating a workflow can be easy or as hard as you want. Basically you want to create the same experience over and over again. Break down your client interactions in to stages, like booking, pre session, post session, closing.  Do you have an in person sales session? That could be a stage. 

Once you have the stages, you can start breaking that down into steps, like send quote, sign contracts, confirm session date. 

How to Track the Workflow

Here is what I really want to share today! Trello!! if you haven’t checked it out you are missing out big time especially since it is totally FREE! It’s basically like a Pinterest and Evernote mashup in beautifully organized heaven! It is a bit hard to explain so I’m including a link to a video I created to walk you through it! 

Anatomy of Trello

So you have your board kinda like a desktop, then you have lists, inside your lists are cards.  You can think of it as literally index cards laying on a table in a column.  you can move the cards to other columns (or lists) you can write on the front of the cards and the back of the cards.  

One of the best parts about this is you can copy cards.  I created a client template card, then when I have someone book a new session with me I duplicate that template card and re name it with the new client name. 

Once you click on that card you see all the checklists.  I created a new checklist for each of my stages in my workflow.  So booking, Pre-session, post-session, sales session, orders waiting on the lab, and order fulfillment. I can move clients through the stages, and check off the checklists as I go! 

One thing I almost forgot to mention in the video was the use of Due dates.  I set the first due date as the client session date.  Once they have completed that I change the date to their sales session date.  You can then click on the calendar and view all your upcoming sessions and sales session.  

How to use trello to track your photography client workflow

Here is a video walking you through a client workflow board! 

Interested in getting this board and more click here!

 Want more Trello boards? Check out Trello for Photography!

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