How to Plan a Wedding like a Pro Using This Pinterest Hack!

January 2, 2016

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Pinterest! Everyone, it seems these days has a wedding planning  Pinterest board, even if you’re not engaged yet.  While you truly can find some amazing decoration ideas on Pinterest if your not careful you can end up with a messy board, that doesn’t really end up helping with wedding planning at all!

How to plan a wedding like a pro

There are a few steps you can take to help you leverage the power of Pinterest and help you effectively use Pinterest when wedding planning.

Start off by pinning anything and everything you like that you might use in your wedding.  Think of this as a brain dump!  Those bridesmaid dresses, and mason jars covered in burlap.  Pin anything and everything.  You are allowed to go crazy.  Use this board to find your taste, find out what all is possible.  You may have originally thought you wanted to have a wedding in late September, but come to find out you love tulips and pastels.  Speaking as a daughter of a former florist.  You are not going to find tulips in September in North Dakota.

Now comes the second phase- narrowing down your board.  Take a look through your anything goes board.  Look for reoccurring colors, flowers, suits, seasons.  Start a new board and re-pin your favorites.  If you’re not really planning on stringing a bunch of icicle lights around a hula-hoop don’t pin it to the new board.  Remember this new board is what you are actually going planning on doing for your wedding. Once you have your new board with just the ideas that you think you can actually pull off its time to get down to business!

Now is when you will really start planning, start picking your date, looking for a location.  Did you pin a ton of country chic weddings in a barn?  Time to start looking for a barn!  Once you have your curated master board, now you can start sharing it with your vendors.  Not every vendor will need to see your Pinterest board, but some will for sure!  Florist- yes, DJ- no, Wedding coordinator- yes, Cake baker- yes,  Photographer- yes, Band- no, officiant- probably not.  Share this board with your friends and family who are helping you decorate and plan.

Are you just getting started on Pinterest and looking for ideas to help plan your wedding?  Check out my wedding boards over on Pinterest!  Some of my favorite ones are Spring Weddings 2016, 2016 wedding trends, country chic, and well Suited!

Are you ready to book your wedding photographer?  Contact me today to get my wedding guide.  The wedding guide includes all the information you need to book your wedding photographer.  I walk you through step by step my wedding photography experience.  I cover everything from when to take your engagement photos, to giving you a sample timeline for your wedding day, you can also read some testimonials from past couples I’ve worked with!  Drop me a line at 

how to plan a wedding like a pro

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