Kristina + Cole


I first met Kristina and Cole back at their engagement session in January. The first thing I noticed about them as a couple was Coles hight. Which shouldn’t have surprised me considering he was playing basketball for Williston State College. But as we chatted, and ordered coffee something else was extremely obvious. These two were meant to be together. The way she looks up and him with this genuine loving twinkle in her eye. The way they rest their foreheads together as they pray together, you can tell there is just something special!

This was reinforced as I listened to Brian deliver the message during their ceremony. He had asked their bridal party to describe Kristina and Cole in one word. Words they used included, genuine, honest, leader, colorful, and swagger! I think they hit the nail on the head with it too! During the dinner, they asked members of the bridal party to stand up and share a memory of Kristina and Cole. Their friends and family shared about how protective of a brother Cole was, how caring of a friend Kristina was. They shared the honest truth of their ups and downs as a couple and how this network of friends supported them with ice cream and video games.

“I couldn't imagine our day without Chelsy! She helped keep everything running so smoothly, she definitely went far an beyond anything we expected! ”

— Kristina

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