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The Power of the 3-6-9 Method: Manifesting Your Goals

June 24, 2024

I'm the woman who transformed adversity into triumph: I left my economic development job, navigated through divorce, and built a business that realized my dreams. Blending support with strategy, I turn dreams into reality. My mission? To empower women to boldly chase their entrepreneurial ambitions every day!

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Have you ever felt the magic of seeing your dreams transform into reality right before your eyes? It’s not magic; it’s the power of intentional goal-setting. Over the past few months, I’ve consistently practiced the 3-6-9 method, and the results have been extraordinary. In this blog post, I will dive deep into this transformative practice, exploring the science behind writing down your goals and how the 3-6-9 method can amplify your manifesting power.

What is the 3-6-9 Method?

The 3-6-9 method is a simple yet powerful technique where you write down your goals three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times in the evening. The repetition ingrains these goals into your subconscious, aligning your actions and thoughts with your desired outcomes.

The Science Behind Writing Down Your Goals

Writing down your goals isn’t just an act of penning thoughts onto paper. It’s a psychological process that engages your mind and body, creating a tangible connection to your aspirations. Here’s why it works:

  1. Clarity and Focus: Writing helps you clarify what you want and solidifies your focus. When you articulate your goals, you define a clear path to achieve them.
  2. Engagement of the Subconscious Mind: Your subconscious mind is a powerful tool influencing your behavior and actions. Repeatedly writing your goals engages this part of your mind, making your desires feel more attainable.
  3. Visualization: As you write, you visualize your goals. This mental imagery activates your brain’s reticular activating system (RAS), filters information, and highlights opportunities that align with your goals.
  4. Commitment: Physically writing something down is a commitment to yourself. It’s a promise that you will take the necessary steps to make it happen.

Why the 3-6-9 Method Works

The 3-6-9 method amplifies these benefits by incorporating repetition and consistency:

  • Morning (3 times): Starting your day with goals sets a positive tone and primes your mind for success. It reminds you of what you’re working towards and keeps you motivated throughout the day.
  • Afternoon (6 times): Revisiting your goals in the afternoon reinforces your commitment and helps you stay focused. It’s a perfect way to realign your actions with your intentions, especially if you’ve faced distractions.
  • Evening (9 times): Ending your day with your goals cements them into your subconscious mind as you sleep. This can lead to insightful dreams and a deeper connection to your aspirations.

How to Get Specific with Your Goals

To make the most of the 3-6-9 method, specificity is key. Here’s how to get specific with your goals:

  1. Write in the Present Tense: Phrase your goals as if they’ve already happened. For example, instead of writing, “I want to start my own business,” write, “I am the successful owner of a thriving business.”
  2. Be Detailed: Include as many details as possible. If your goal is to buy a new home, describe the type of home, its location, the features you want, and how it feels to live there.
  3. Focus on Positive Outcomes: Frame your goals positively. Instead of focusing on what you want to avoid, highlight what you want to achieve.

Resources to Boost Your Practice

Here are some resources that can help you dive deeper into the power of goal-setting and manifestation:

My Personal Experience with the 3-6-9 Method

I’ve been practicing the 3-6-9 method for the past few months, and it’s incredible how fast you can achieve or manifest things when you’re consistent with this practice. Writing my goals daily has helped me stay focused, motivated, and aligned with my aspirations. I’ve seen tangible results, from small wins to significant milestones, and I’m excited to continue this journey.


The 3-6-9 method is more than just a routine; it’s a powerful tool that can transform your mindset and help you manifest your dreams. By writing down your goals with intention and specificity, you engage your subconscious mind, clarify your desires, and commit to your success. Start today and experience the transformative power of the 3-6-9 method in your life.

Disclaimer: This blog post is for informational purposes only. The results mentioned are based on personal experiences and may vary for each individual. Always consult with a professional for personalized advice.

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