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2019 Family Session Dates

March 26, 2019

I'm Chelsy, a single mom in a small town, who loves photographing weddings, and helping photographers build their own businesses

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JUNE – start times will range from 8- 8:30 pm 

6th, 20th, 23rd 

JULY – start time at 7:45 pm 

10th, 12th, 14th, 15th, 

AUGUST- start time 7:15pm – 7:35pm 

12th, 26th

SEPTEMBER – start times will range from 6-6: 30 pm 

5th, 6th, 9th, 16th, 30th

OCTOBER – start time at 6 pm

3rd, & 4th

To checkout the best of last years family sessions round up by month!

Fall Family Photos Williston North Dakota


Welcome Packet

The welcome packet is a digital packet that is full of information to help you prepare for your family photo session! You will find tips on outfits, choosing locations, what to expect during and after your session.

1-hour session at a location of your choice

– One hour is about perfect when it comes to capturing a wide variety of images including the large family group, individuals of the kids, siblings all together, and mom and dad together.  

-I love letting families choose a location that is special to them!  Maybe it is on the river because that’s where you love spending time as a family.  Maybe camping is more your jam! If you aren’t sure what to pick, don’t worry, I have some amazing locations I can suggest and we can work together to find one that is right for your family! I love to travel! Anywhere within 50 miles of Tioga, ND is included in your session fee.  If you want to go further then that, there is a 50 cent per mile fee.

Fall Family Photos Williston North Dakota

30-35 Images

Each and every one of your images will be retouched by hand. These are the best of the best images from your family photo session!  Your finalized images will be delivered to you via an online gallery.  Your online gallery will be emailed to you within 4 weeks of your session.

Optional Premiere Night

Premiere night is one of my favorite parts of family photo sessions.  This is when you will get to come into my studio, and view your beautiful portraits.  That night we will go through the complete ordering process together.  We can design your Christmas cards, and pick out images for an album or image box. The best part is you get to see what these products not only look like but what they feel like too. I have samples of the entire product line in the studio, and I’m here to help you through the entire process.  I won’t make you try to figure out how to navigate some clunky ordering website by yourself! If you choose to have a premiere night they are scheduled 7-14 days after your session!

summer family photos north dakota | chelsy weisz Williston Minot


The cost for these full family sessions is $350.  This does include your digital images! If you decide to invest in products during your optional premiere night you will have a $350 credit towards the purchase of any of the collections.  If you choose to purchase a la carte you will get premiere night pricing which is a 25-50% discount from my website pricing. Collections start at $600.  Prints start at $30.

What happens if it rains on our session date?

If the weather is crazy we will reschedule! I want to be able to photograph beautiful images for you and your family. That means we need to ensure weather is as close to ideal as we can get.

How to Book

Past clients will have the very first chance to book a family session. An email will go out on April 1st at 10:30 am with a link to the booking website. Payment is due in full to reserve your session.

The VIP Family List will receive an email on April 4th at 10:30 am with a link to the booking site. If you would like to be put on the Family VIP List click the link below.

Finally on April 15th if there are any spots open a link to the booking website will be posted to the blog and shared on social media opening up sessions to the public. The bast two years these sessions have sold out and there has been a waiting list. Your best bet to snag a session is to get on the VIP LIST!

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